A New Way To Paint!

EXT Paint is the brain-child of Nick May, a 25 year veteran of the painting industry.  Starting his first painting business in college, his dad would remind him: “Now Nick, remember, you are going to school so you don’t have to paint the rest of your life.” Needless to say, Nick has always done what he wanted. 

Nick is a big believer in technology and systems…two things that have not mixed well in the painting industry over the last 100 years.  Business has changed over the last 20 years in significant ways.  First came the internet, and then came mobile tech.  Most industries have embraced these tools for enhancing business, but not much has changed in the painting world. 

We realize that today’s homeowner is busy, and wants information fast.  Most painters can literally walk up to a house and know within a few hundred dollars, how much a house would cost to paint it.  By using technology, and simplifying our system, EXT Paint is able to provide the fastest estimate in the industry, keep costs down, and provide amazing customer service.  Most larger painting companies are nothing more than sales organizations structured to strong arm consumers into a purchase.  At EXT Paint, we have no salespeople that will hound you until you make a decision.  We simply give you the option of service level, provide a competitive bid, and then apply the best surface coating on the market. 

Our system is simple:  Better process.  Better choices.  Better experience. 

Email us at info@extpaint.com for anything related to your project!